Saturday, May 28, 2011

Motor City Comic Con - Let's Play Dress-Up

OK, so I'm walking down through the convention on Saturday (14 May) when I hear this heavy, mechanical breathing behind me and I think, "Oh God, Darth Vader is following me!" And I'm in this crowd of people so there's sort of no way I can artfully side-step and clear his path, so I just continue on along until finally the crowd opens up and Darth goes his separate way. Now I'm sure that the guy behind the mask meant me no harm and I didn't really feel threatened, but it was still a little uncomfortable having this nearly seven foot tall heavy breather walking along behind me. At any rate, at the Con there are a lot of people in costume. Frankly, although there are a few celebrities from Star Trek and a few people dressed in Star Trek outfits, there are far more Star Wars and superhero costumes. There's a whole group of Star Wars associated folks who have a large display and do charity work in their spare time, which is pretty nice. As for the girls - the one on the left is dressed as Leeloo from the movie Fifth Element and the girl on the right is Princess Leia in her "Prisoner Leia" outfit from Return of the Jedi. Frankly I would have voted for either one of them in the costume contest. More Con releted stuff in future.

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