Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meeting Tricia Helfer

As I mentioned, I attended the Motor City Comic Con this past weekend in Novi, Michigan. One of the headliner celebrities making an appearance was Tricia Helfer, the infamous Number Six from the rebooted/re-imagined series Battlestar Galactica. A Canadian model and actress, she's since appeared in a number of series TV shows and appears to be rapidly developing a substantial career. One of the reasons I attend shows (you can buy autographed pictures of most celebrities off their sites) is because I like to have that sort of personal moment with the person. I do not believe I am likely to be afforded a peep within their inner soul in such brief meetings, but it does personalize the experience for me. Some of those experiences have been less than expected or hoped for, but Tricia was very nice and seemed to have a few moments with each person for a little verbal exchange. Overall, I thought she was very nice. I would have liked to have had a picture with her but she was only doing that at 4:30 in the afternoon and I wasn't going to be around and she wanted $40 for the picture with your own camera, which I thought was a little expensive. Another guy who was standing in Tricia's line said she wouldn't just sign photos but insisted on personalizing them because she had become aware that people were reselling autographed pictures of her on ebay. Well, duh.... That's the way the after market works after all. I suppose I felt bad for Cindy Williams (of American Graffiti and Laverne & Shirley fame) who's table was next to Tricia's. In the time I was standing in line for Tricia's autograph I think Cindy only had one fan stop by to see her. That had to be a little depressing for Cindy.

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