Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gentleman Ghost

I thought for Halloween I'd feature a ghostly figure in the DC criminal underworld. The Gentleman Ghost supposedly started life as Gentleman Jim Craddock who operated as a highwayman during the 1800's. He was brought to justice and on the gallows he swore to get revenge on those who condemned him. When he dropped through the chute he ended up in modern London. Making good on his threat the Gentleman Ghost went on a robbing spree all over Europe and eventually migrated to America, where his criminal activities continued. He came into conflict with Hawkman and Hawkwoman but, although they frequently thwarted his activities, they were unable to actually lay hands on him, perpetuating the idea that maybe he is a spectre. I thought he was an interesting chanrter but had a problem with how best to do the figure. I ended up using a Superpowers Collection Joker figure and the top hat from a Dr. Maquino from the Swamp Thing figure range. I connected the hat with a clear plastic pole and punched out the monacle with a hole punch on blister pack material, attaching it to the figure with a bit of wire so it looked like it was standing up to the eye. I used a christmas decorative bow for his bow tie and a bit of lace for the front of his shirt and T-shirt material for the cape. Hope you enjoy and have a Happy Halloween.

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