Wednesday, February 2, 2011

She-Hawke - the Eighth Blackhawk

Before there was Lady Blackhawk there was Sheila Hawke, who took on the identity of She-Hawke in Blackhawk comics #40 in May 1951. I can't say for certain if she was the first since I don't have every issue of the Blackhawk comics, but she certainly seems to be at the head of the class. This was another bored, rich debutant who decided it would be a good idea instead of attending the next fancy-dress festivity, to dress herself up in a Blackhawk uniform, get herself a matching jet plane and sally forth to combat the forces of evil in the world alongside the team she admired so much. She shows up in the newly freed European nation of Monclova (don't bother trying to look that one up on a map) and trails the Blackhawks back to their supposedly secret island base. She proves her prowess by besting the strong-man Olaf, then, when Monclova calls for help, she flies out ahead of the Blackhawks to lend a hand. Of course she snares the chief baddie, but is summarily left behind by Blackhawk after she steals a kiss from him and swears to herself they haven't seen the last of her. Actually I think they did see the last of her, but again I'm not totally sure. As for the She-Hawke figure, I used a Star Wars Juno Eclipse figure and the head from another Star Wars female figure (don't remember which one off hand). I debated about giving her a cap but she spent as much time without one in the story as she did with it so I elected to just leave her head bare.
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