Monday, March 7, 2011

American Crusader Revisited - From AC Comics

I'm sure none of you remember this but way, way back in the early days of this blog I presented the American Crusader from the Better/Standard/Nedor publishing house. At that time I mentioned that the character had been revived by AC Comics and given a revamped uniform that I might present at a later date. TA DA - that date has come!! Can't say I'm not a man of my word. I rather liked this version because the original, while it was red and blue, left out the white, with only a slash of yellow around the waist. Red, blue and yellow - blah - not very patriotic. The newer version from AC Comics really was red, white and blue - so American flag-like. In the AC Comics universe a number of superheroes and heroines from the 1940s and early 1950s were flash frozen in the Vault of Heroes with the intent of later revival when a bunch of real heroes were presumably needed once again. Some of them kept their Golden Age outfits and some of them - like American Crusader - were updated. I may feature more about the Vault of Heroes at a later date - and we know I keep my promises. Once again I used a Toy Biz Captain America body with the star on his chest and the head, arms and legs from a Toy Biz Daredevil. While it was handy to use the Captain America body, that doesn't mean it was easier. I had to Dreml all the plate armor from the uniform just to get the star on his chest, but I think it made for a nice appearance.
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