Monday, March 14, 2011

Golden Age Hero - Strongman

The other day I profiled a Strongman from the early 1950s, but today I'll present his predecessor. From the Holyoke/Tem Publishing comic stable that later made Cat-Man famous, comes Percy van Norton, alias Strongman - the perfect human. Percy is another one of these apparently wastrel rich playboys (ala Bruce Wayne/Batman) who down underneath his polished facade has the beating heart of a superhero. Using knowledge he's gleaned from the secret book of Yogi he now has the strength of a hundred elephants, the speed of a racing car (and the power of flight) and skin as tough as a rhinoceros, he fights for the American ideals. As far as I can tell he appeared in five issues of Crash Comics before disappearing into comic oblivian. He was revived by Marvel Comics as a World War II villain in one of their Invaders story arcs and more recently Dynamite Comics for their Project Superheroes. In the couple of stories I have of his he seems to fight crime and oppression both at home and in fictional overseas countries. For the action figure I used a Super Power Collection Martian Manhunter figure with the head from a Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Dark Warrior. I had to Dreml the Martian's chest straps off and cut a plastic dowel in half to make his belt buckle.
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