Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Supersnipe - the comic book kid

Published by the publishing house of Conde Nast/Street and Smith, Supersnipe was actually an outgrowth of the popularity of comics in the early 1940s. He was Koppy McFad, reputed to be the kid with the most comic books in America. He loved his comics and the superheroes who battled baddies across their pages. It was probably not unexpected that he would want to emulate his heroes and not surprising that he would dress in a pair of red flannel long underwear with a cape and a mask and haunt the neighborhood looking for evil doers - who he actually used to find. Later he apparently created an inflatable costume filled with helium that would allow him to fly and make him at least appear to be as superheroic in proportions as he was in intention. Along with some of the other kids in the neighborhood he actually fought and defeated some bad guys, undoubtedly fueling his ego and imagination. I decided to do both versions of Supersnipe, using a Tonka-type guy in coveralls for the long underwear and a Toy Biz Superman body with Captain America arms for his inflated persona. The heads are from Jurassic Park Tim Murphy II figures.

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