Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Golden Age Really Nasty Villain - Tiger Man

Under my Angel post I mentioned he had experienced a really nasty villain and today I wanted to present him. This was during the war and the bad guy was a German, but even the Nazis had been terrorized by him, so that's really saying something. According to his own tale, Tiger Man started out as a normal German citizen working in a factory until one day when he got his arms caught in one of the machines. Now lacking arms he trained himself to use his teeth and legs until they became amazingly strong and dexterous. However, the work with his jaws made his face distorted and people avoided him. Now obsessed with an almost insane hatred of machines he began to visit factories and smash every machine in sight. Captured by the Gestapo they saw an opportunity to use his obsession by pointing him (from their perspective) in the right direction - namely the U.S. of A. When he began to smash American machinery the Angel became involved and soon managed to track him down and bring him to justice after a pretty violent battle. I found Tiger Man to be an interesting challenge since I had never really done a "disabled" character before. I used a Toy Biz Savage Land Ka-Zar, cutting the arms off at the appropriate place. I picked that figure because it was barefoot, which Tiger Man was throughout his story. Then I found a Hasbro Cops head (Bullit I believe), which I modified a bit to to make him look more like Tiger Man. All in all I think it made for a pretty good representation, if I can be excused for patting myself on the back a little.
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