Monday, March 21, 2011

Golden Age Hero - Angel

The Angel is the third of the heroes with mustaches that I wanted to highlight (see Dr. Diamond and Stormy Foster). Created by Marvel Comics (then known as Timely) for their Marvel Comics #1, November 1939, he was an early entry in the history of the Golden Age. At first he was called Angel whether in costume or a business suit, but later he was revealed to be private detective Tom Halloway who, when his mother died in childbirth, was raised by his prison guard father within the confines of the prison itself. The warden apparently brought in experts who trained the boy in all manner of knowledge. The Angel inhabited the back pages of a number of different Timely titles until 1946, but never got his own book. The Angel didn't have any super powers although he could fly, which was attributed more to the qualities of his cape, called the Cape of Mercury, than to any power on his part. He wasn't one of Marvel's front line characters, nor was he one of the one-or-two-shot gang of also-rans, but he really didn't survive outside the Golden Age. I've only seen a couple of his adventures but he had an encounter with one of the most terrifying villains in any one's stable of bad guys, who I'll probably feature soon. The action figure used here was a Toy Biz Cloak, with the head from another Tony Stark, although not the same one I used for the other two mustachioed heroes I presented.
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