Friday, March 18, 2011

Golden Age Hero - Stormy Foster - the Great Defender

I mentioned the other day under the posting for Dr. Diamond that very few Golden Age heroes had mustaches. I thought I might offer up a couple more just for a little variety. Next in line is Stormy Foster, billed as the Great Defender. Apparently Stormy was a meek, mild and frail pharmacy clerk when he accidently discovers a super vitamin pill that beefs him up and endows him with great strength and invulnerability. He was one of several Golden Age characters who acquired their powers with a drug, including DC's Hour Man and Fox's Blue Beetle. Published by Quality Comics, Stormy's adventures were featured in Hit Comics #18 through #34, starting in 1943, so he had a fairly good run for the period. There was also a Chinese delivery boy at the pharmacy named Ah-Choo who helped Stormy on some of his cases. Another case of racial stereotyping during the period. The action figure was made using a Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Little John figure and another Tony Stark head. I rather liked the costume, which appears rather thrown together. Something a clerk in a pharmacy who decides to go adventuring might put together; a T-shirt with a patriotic star on it, some shorts and a pair of shoes with shite socks and a red cape thrown in for good measure. Far from fancy or expensive. Sort of the working man's hero, epitomized by the moniker of Great Defender.
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