Monday, June 21, 2010

Golden Age Action Figure - Rainbow

For this post comes another character from the Centaur Publishing house. This one appeared in the pages of Arrow #3 in 1940. A college grad named Jim Travis is sitting quietly in his home reading a superhero comic when he is suddenly struck with the idea that he could be just as good a crime fighter as any of the mystery men in the comics. When he runs this idea past his girlfriend she scoffs that he needs a colorful costume and he needs to be a he-man. The colorful costume is no problem, as illustrated, and he does beat the crap out of a criminal gang. But his girlfriend should have really added that he needed a superhero moniker that would strike fear into the hearts of criminals and somehow Rainbow just doesn't seem to fit that bill. Of course the leader of the gang he foils is named Black Rufus and frankly that name doesn't really strike much fear either. As it turns out Arrow #3 was the last issue for that particular comic and the first and last appearance of Rainbow. I don't even think he was revived by AC comics as one of their Vault Heroes or Dynamite for their Project Superheroes. Anyway, he was a rather fun character to bring to life in plastic. I used a Toy Biz Silver Surfer (everything but the arms which were from a JLA Atom), and I used bits of plastic sheet for the circular things on the sides of his head and the do-dad on top. I rather liked the way the cape joined to his head-piece.
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