Friday, June 4, 2010

Golden Age Superheroes - Lynx & Blackie

Here's another hero from one of my favorite Golden Age publishers, Fox Features Syndicate. This time around it's The Lynx and his kid side-kick Blackie, the Mystery Boy. The Lynx is really one of those seemingly bored and dissolute young millionaires named Jim, who secretly dresses up in tights and sallies forth to battle crime. There seems to be very little back story about the guy and in the one story I have everyone seems to know where he lives so maybe his secret identity isn't really such a secret. He also has the seemingly obligatory ward named Phil who is "secretly" his kid side-kick Blackie, the Mystery Boy - well at least he didn't use his real name as his hero name like a lot of them did. There are references to superhuman strength and speed and in a few panels it looks like he can fly a bit, but in the story he gets rendered unconscious by a blow to the back of the head and then tied to railroad tracks and has to be rescued by Blackie. He also drives around in a car so if he could fly it apparently wasn't very far - maybe he was just a good leaper. He has an apparently recurring evil villain called the Rook, but in the criminal machinations in the story most everyone seems to be out for his blood. The pair ran in about 19 issues of Mystery Men Comics so he wasn't just a one-shot wonder. As for the action figures, the Lynx himself was made from an Kenner Total Justice League Atom figure, but I sculpted the mask and hair from Sculpy. Blackie's body was a Mattel DC Universe Alex Luthor figure with the head from an old Voltron Keith figure.
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