Monday, June 28, 2010

Golden Age Superheroes - Blue Flame

Today's superhero was almost a direct ripoff of Timely/Marvel Comics Human Torch - except instead of being red he's blue (maybe he's powered by natural gas). At any rate, the Blue Flame only appeared in one issue of Captain Flight Comics (#11) in 1947 published by Four Star Publications. If he has a secret identity its never disclosed and when he "flames off" he's a guy in blue swim trunks and blue booty thingies. In his one and only appearance he faces the villainy of S. Aitan, whom the reader is led to believe is Satan himself, who robs a jewelry store. Satan robbing a jewelry store? Now what's up with that?? Why would Satan even want to rob a jewelry store?? I don't know. Anyway, Captain Flight #11 was the last book in the series and afterwards Blue Flame seems to have disappeared into superhero limbo. Blue Flame was included in AC Comics Vault of Heroes, although I don't know if they ever actually used him. The action figure was made using - can you guess - a Human Torch figure, which I painted a couple of shades of blue.
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