Friday, June 25, 2010

Golden Age Action Figures - The Mask

Today's character is from the Better/Standard/Nedor stable, running in Exciting Comics from issue number 1 to 20 between 1940-42. As the blurb at the beginning of the stories tells us, "Tony Colby, fighting District Attorney, is blinded by a vengeful gangdom. Secretly he regains his sight, and combats crime in the role of The Mask!" Aided by his assistant Carol, Tony/Mask has gone from crusading DA to masked vigilante, wielding an automatic and an attitude. I'm always fascinated by the officers of the law in fiction who turn to vigilanteism because they have no faith in the justice system. I guess rather than try to fix the system it's just easier to take matters into your own hands. I really hope people aren't doing that in real life, but what the heck. Anyway, in the one story I've seen of the Mask he mixes it up with the bad guys and actually shoots a couple so the gun isn't just for show. The action figure was made using a Kenner Two-Face figure from the movie Batman Forever and a Toy Biz Flash head. I used putty for the neck piece. The figure was already holding an automatic so it made a good choice.
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