Thursday, June 10, 2010

Golden Age Heroes - TNT

For those more familiar with DC comic book characters there was a superhero named TNT with a kid side-kick named Dan, the Dyna-mite during the Golden Age. They've been resurrected over the years in various story lines - but this is not them. This TNT was published by Centaur and appeared in the pages of Amazing Man Comics, where he made his first and only appearance in issue #21. Treve N. Thorndike (initials TNT, get it), one of the world's youngest scientists, single handedly not only splits the atom (in 1941) but then weaponizes it into a side-arm within a few hours - something teams of scientists haven't been able to accomplish in decades. Only in the comics. Anyway, he immediately decides (of course) to use his new creation to fight the forces of evil. That evil turns out to be a kidnapping gang, who's mansion he just happens to stumble across as he's driving around. They drop him down a trap door where he battles a prehistoric man of some sort - I guess most kidnap gangs come with a Neanderthal - who he blasts with his atomic gun. He gets captured again and tied up but works his way free and pursues the gang, ruining their engine with his atomic gun, which the gang was apparently too stupid to take an interest in. All in all the story isn't much better or worse than a lot of tales from the Golden Age - some being almost charming in their naivete. I made the figure from a Marvel Toy Biz Daredevil body and the head from a Professor X. The holster on his right hip is from a Jurassic Park Muldoon figure.
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