Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Golden Age Super Villain - The Great Question

Yesterday I featured Amazing Man (see previous post) and mentioned that he was trained at a Lamasery in Tibet. As it turns out, one of the Lamas was really a bad guy who took on the persona of the Great Question. He was the chief villain in the Amazing-Man comics and one of the first super villains in the Golden Age of comics. Early on most of the superheroes fought criminals, Nazis, Japs, a few Italians and the ubiquitous saboteurs. Arch criminals like Superman's Luthor didn't come along until a little later. But the Great Question was a real super villain, created in the early days of the medium. He received basically all of the same training as Amazing-Man and in addition he had incredible telepathic powers, capable of projecting his thoughts across the world and bending all but the most powerful minds to his will. Although later he would team up with Hitler, from the beginning he had amassed a huge army of soldiers as well as slaves to build his bases and infernal machines. He truly was a super villain in the most interesting sense. After all, few superheroes can get by without a stable of super villains to test his or her mettle. The action figure was made using a GI Joe Cobra Commander head and the body of a Star Wars Emperor figure.
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