Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Golden Age Heroes - Amazing Man

"Gifted with super-human strength and many mystic powers, master of telepathy (mind-reading), hypnotism, and other powers, Aman, the Amazing Man, fights a mysterious super-criminal known as the Great Question. He is assisted by Zona Henderson, who thinks three times faster than most people!!..." and later by Zona's young brother Tommy The Amazing Kid. The most popular of the early characters from Centaur Publishing (introduced in September 1939), Amazing Man started life in Tibet as John Aman, an orphan who was trained by a secret Council of Seven Masters to have all the superb qualities listed above. He could also make himself disappear in a cloud of green vapor, which earned him the nickname of Green Mist. He was also called Aman or A-Man, I suppose depending on who was lettering that issue. He was rather interesting in the ebb and flow of superheroes of the Golden Age, possessing both physical powers and also mystic ones. His early partner Zona Henderson was also unusual in that she was much more of an adventure partner rather than playing the "damsel in distress" role of Lois Lane and some of the other female "friends of the superhero." Tommy came along late in the series run, which ended in early 1942, during a period when many superheroes were being saddled with kid sidekicks, probably to boost sales to the pre-pubescent crowd. Frankly I never identified with the kid side-kicks even when I was a member of the pre-pubescent crowd. As for the action figures; I made Amazing Man from a Dark Warrior figure from the Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves movie and the Tommy figure from a Mattel Secret Wars Daredevil body and the head from a Stargate Daniel action figure. Tomorrow - The Great Question!!!
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