Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blackhawk Retires ?? - Replaced by Drago ??

In a story from Blackhawk #73, February 1954 a man comes along who not only wants to join the Blackhawk Squadron, but actually become its leader. In a European democratic country called Galvia (yeah, don't bother trying to look this one up on a map either) the Blackhawks are battling terrorists who want to overthrow the government. In their efforts Blackhawk appears to screw up a couple of times with his fat getting pulled out of the fire by a Galvian pilot named Drago. Drago challenges and then defeats Blackhawk in single combat to become the new leader of the team, with Blackhawk handing over his distinctive tunic with the squadron leader insignia. The following night Drago leads the team into a terrorist trap, seemingly in league with the bad guys. But when the leaders of the terrorist movement put in an appearance to congratulate Drago, Blackhawk shows up with Galvian troops and captures the leaders of the terrorist movement. Drago is revealed to have been a patriot and working secretly with Blackhawk to draw out the bad guys. However, in the end, when Blackhawk has resumed his leadership position and Drago is invited to join the team he decides that being a Blackhawk is too exacting for him. I was drawn to this comic by the cover, which showed Drago in a Blackhawk tunic and cap but with crimson jodhpurs and brown boots. As it turns out the cover is the only place where Drago wears that particular outfit - during the story he normally wears a fighter pilot helmet with goggles, but I liked the look on the cover and that's the version I did. The figure I used was a Star Wars Grand Moff Tarken (I think), with a GI Joe head and cap, painted like the cover picture. I did a couple of other figures from this comic which I'll probably present here shortly.
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