Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mr. Whoo's Do-It-Yourself Villains - Balloon Man

From the pages of Blackhawk #175, August 1962 comes the story of a man, Whoo by name, who sells super villain costume kits to the underworld for a fee of 50% of the loot they steal. I have done several of these characters, including a couple who present a bit of a twist in the story. So I thought I would present them as separate postings over the next few days. Presented here first is Balloon Man, who uses trick balloons to commit a charity fund robbery. He uses one balloon that has a recorded broadcast to get every one's attention, then it explodes in a burst of brilliance to blind everyone while he vacuums up the charity donations into another balloon. As Balloon Man is making his escape, Blackhawk pulls a cord that releases a bunch of regular balloons that trip up the thief and allow him to be caught. Under interrogation they get a lead to one of the other kit buyers, which sets up the story for the next posting. The figure of Balloon Man was a pretty straightforward repainting job of a 3 3/4" Infinite Universe Atom figure. The major challenges were the balloons on his chest in white and the one on his forehead, which I outlined with a paint pen.
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