Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mr. Whoo's Villain Kit - Magneto

Following up from my previous post from Blackhawk #175, August 1962 on Balloon Man, the Blackhawks learn that the next criminal to use one of Mr. Whoo's crime costume kits is planning to rob a particular bank the following day. When the criminal appears in the outfit of Magneto (no relation to the Marvel Comics villain) and manages to capture a bag of money from the guards, he suddenly has the loot snatched from his hands by another costumed character. This fellow calls himself Copter-Man and as he's flying off Magneto grabs a hold of his legs. Copter-Man manages to shake Magneto off and flies away with the loot in hand. The Magneto character was made from another DC Infinite Universe figure of the Atom, with the helmet from a Speed Racer figure and a weapon from my extra weapons box. The hardest part for this one was painting the lightning bolts on chest and helmet. Next time - you guessed it - Copter-Man from the same story.
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