Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mr. Whoo's Crime Kits - Copter-Man

In our last episode from Blackhawk #175, August 1962, a character calling himself Copter-Man has stolen the ill-gotten gains of a criminal named Magneto, who was using one of Mr. Whoo's crime kits. Despite his protests to the contrary, criminals who were lining up for the crime kits just the day before are suddenly accusing Mr. Whoo of having sold a crime kit to someone who is now preying on them - those crooks are always such a suspicious lot, aren't they. The criminals, not wanting to be victimized themselves, return the crime kits to Mr. Whoo, who suddenly sees his business going down the drain. Therefore he hatches a plan to catch the Copter-Man and expose him as a fraud. The concluding chapter of the story will appear next time. As for the figure of Copter-Man - once again I used a DC Infinite Universe figure to create this one. I had to file off the ears to give him a sleeker appearance, otherwise it was a pretty simple paint job. Unfortunately I did not have anything I could use as his one-man copter device, but I may find the parts I need and construct something in future.
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