Friday, February 25, 2011

Mr. Whoo's Crime Kits - Lightning Man

In my final post from Blackhawk #175, August 1962 I present Lightning Man, who is actually the designer of the costumes himself, Mr. Whoo. Having a rogue criminal calling himself Copter-Man intercept the user of one of his crime kits, thus making his criminal customers believe they were being set up, Mr. Whoo decides to set a trap for the copter jockey (for full details read the last few posts). Mr. Whoo spreads the word through the underworld grapevine when and where a certain kit villain is going to commit a crime. When he shows up at the location dressed as Lightning Man expecting Copter-Man to appear he's surprised when Blackhawk charges in, revealing that he was in fact the mysterious Copter-Man. Lightning Man blasts Blackhawk only to discover the figure was a disguised robot. He is then descended upon by the entire Blackhawk team, who finally capture Mr. Whoo and even find a full list of his customers. As Blackhawk observes at the end, "The state will be fitting Mr. Whoo for his final costume -- a convict's uniform." For the figure of Lightning Man/Mr. Whoo I used a Star Wars Bespin Luke Skywalker figure with the head from a Han Solo and a helmet from a Speed Racer figure. I used a couple of sewing pins with teardrop heads instead of the normal flat headed pins for his antenna.
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