Saturday, February 12, 2011

Underworld Sportsmen

This is a rather curious crew from the pages of Blackhawk #144, January 1960. Somehow the Blackhawks had conducted aerial surveillance photography of an island off the "eastern coast." As a result of what they saw the team shows up in their Hawksub and confronts three guys (known as Target, Ace and Bulls-Eye) about their future job prospects. Somehow the Blackhawks were able to determine that the three were rehearsing to embark on a life of crime. Apparently they had each been athletes who accepted bribes to throw games and were now going to unleash their criminal tendencies in order to get back at society. Remember, I don't make these stories up. Anyway, the Blackhawks challenge them to a battle of wits. The erstwhile criminals will try to carry out three perfect crimes on their island training ground and if they succeed they will go ahead with their private crime wave. If, however, the Blackhawks manage to thwart them at all three criminal endeavors the guys will go straight and find honest work. I'm not even going to go through this because we all know the Black Knights will defeat them in the end - after all, they are the Blackhawks and the three guys swear to go straight. When planning the action figures I decided to use the Blair figure from the Squadron Leader line from the science fiction movie of the same name. Target on the left is the original Blair head, while the other two are GI Joe heads from my "heads" box. Painting was pretty straightforward, but I wanted to be pretty precise with the initials on their chests so I painted a white area and then outlined the letters with a black paint pen, which gave a very good result. Thus was created the criminals who never were.
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