Friday, February 4, 2011

Lady Blackhawk's Stand-In

Ah, those poor bored society girls. Nothing better to do that go off super-heroing. Penny van Camp is a former sorority sister of Zinda Blake, aka Lady Blackhawk who, in Blackhawk #182, March 1963, shows up at Zinda's door looking for a little distraction. Zinda has to go out and Penny stumbles on her hidden Lady Blackhawk room. When a teletype comes in requesting Zinda's help Penny decides not to wait until Zinda gets back from the store but go ahead and dress up in one of the Lady Blackhawk outfits and rush off to aid the black knights. Of course she just happens to be a qualified pilot and I suppose she's also qualified in Zinda's particular fighter jet. When she arrives over the area the Blackhawks ask her to photograph the compound they are outside of so she pushes the "P" button thinking that's the photography button. Instead it turns out to be the parachute button and her ejector seat fires, sending her floating down into the enemy camp. The Blackhawks go to her aid and they all end up getting captured. Later Zinda comes home and realizes what's happened and flies to the rescue in her one-person helicopter. In the end Penny mounts a horse and hurling smoke screen and gas bombs she helps the Blackhawks to capture the bad guys. In the end she decides that the bored society life may in fact be the life for her and she turns in her Lady Blackhawk outfit for a ball gown. The figure is once again the Star Wars Juno Eclipse figure while the head is from a line of 4" action girl figures. I rather liked the care-free smile she has on her face.
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