Saturday, April 2, 2011

Golden Age Hero - Dynamic Man

Sticking with my Timely arc I'm presenting the fantabulous Dynamic Man! Ta da.... But sir, you might say, didn't you feature a Dynamic Man once before earlier in the history of your magnificent blog? Well, yes I did. But this Dynamic Man is different from the earlier Dynamic Man. This one is from the Timely/Atlas/Marvel house while the earlier Dynamic Man was from the Harry "A" Chesler comic publisher. This one, ironically, actually made his first appearance in March 1940 while the Chesler version first appeared in October 1941, so technically the Timely one came first. Again ironically, both of them were apparent androids. This Dynamic Man appeared in Mystic Comics #1-4 (a 4-shot wonder) and was the creation of another one of those ubiquitous scientists so prevalent during the Golden Age, a Professor Goettler. This one throws the switch to activate his creation and drops dead. Dynamic Man flies off to fulfil his programming (you know, truth, justice and the American way kind of stuff). He has been endowed by his creator with the power to generate magnetic fields so he can fly, he has a super intelligence, he can alter his appearance at will, has X-ray vision and can throw electric thunderbolts, sort of like Zeus. As Curt Cowan he aces the FBI entrance exam and goes to work for J. Edgar while also battling evil in his guise as Dynamic Man. I don't normally show the entire cover of a magazine in my posts but I was particularly struck by this one. You have the faceless bad guys sending the bound and beautiful female down the chute to certain doom as the hero bursts through to wall to rescue her and vanquish the bad guys. It would have served as a stereotypical cover both in the age of pulps as well as the time of comics. As for the action figure, I used the body from a Hercules Iolaus and the head from a Cops Longarm. Otherwise it was mostly a paint job but I thought it came out pretty well.

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