Thursday, April 14, 2011

Golden Age Hero - The Human Bomb

Police Comics #1, August 1941 had the distinction of presenting the debut of the much beloved Plastic Man along with several other Quality Comics heroes and heroines. Today I'm featuring the final entry in the magazine - the Human Bomb. The story goes that Professor Lincoln and his son Roy have perfected a new super explosive called 27-QRX (supposedly a quart of the stuff would obliterate New York City) when enemy agents enter the lab and demand the formula. When the elder Lincoln refuses he is shot down in cold blood before the eyes of his son, who then leaps into action and begins to trounce the baddies. When the bad guys try to grab a capsule of 27-QRX Roy swallows it and almost immediately his body begins to emit a strange glow. When he trows a punch the lab explodes in a blinding flash and the bad guys are disposed of. He makes a suit from something called fibrowax that was holding the capsule which seems to insulate him from exploding. However, when he removes a glove of the suit he is able to emit controlled explosions. He tracks down the person responsible for sending the bad guys to his father's lab - a man referred to as an "Axis Consul" (remember we weren't in the war yet) - who he gives a taste of the effects of 27-QRX. The Human Bomb continued in Police Comics through #58 in 1946 so he had a pretty good run. He picked up a comic sidekick named Hustace Throckmorton, who had acquired similar powers when he received an emergency blood transfusion from Roy. Throckmorton was then briefly replaced by three youngsters who were called the Bombardiers. It was a rather interesting power being able to blow things up by touching them, but it probably didn't make him very popular on dates. After DC Comics acquired the Quality lineup of characters the Human Bomb joined the ranks of the earth-X superhero group called the Freedom Fighters. He also appeared in the Mark Waid/Alex Ross miniseries Kingdom Come, which I highly recommend. When I was looking to do the action figure I really didn't know how to do the helmet until I found an old set of astronauts and aliens that had clear plastic helmets. I shaped one of them to fit over the head of a Playmates Captain Pike figure and then put little ear pieces on the sides of the helmet that I made by using a hole punch on a bit of sheet plastic. As for the rest, it was basically just painting him white.

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