Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Golden Age Hero - Firebrand

I have been slowly working my way through the heroes that first appeared in the pages of Quality's Police Comics #1, August 1941 and I'm going to finish up today with Firebrand. This was another one of those poor, bored, filthy rich playboys who apparently is no longer trilled by fast, expensive cars and even pricier fast women and so turns his suddenly altruistic attentions to putting on a costume and fighting crime in the streets. In his first adventure he has already taken on the mantle of Firebrand, actually Rod Reilly, who has been trained in the art of fisticuffs by his valet, the ex prize fighter Slugger. Criminals are shooting window washers who won't pay protection and Firebrand rushes off to investigate. Actually the bad guys are killing the window washers so they can substitute their own men to case rich people's homes in high rise buildings. Firebrand is suspected by the police so even though he brings the bad guys to justice in the end he's still wanted for various crimes. By the way, the reason he's called Firebrand is because where ever he defeats crime he leaves behind a flaming torch of justice (OK, maybe Flaming Torch would have been a more appropriate name but remember, I don't make these stories up). Firebrand lasted about 13 issues and then was later revived by DC Comics when they bought out the Quality line. He also got a sister who took over the Firebrand brand (OK I did make the quip up). The action figure was a Super Powers Collection Superman, who's hair I sanded down and removed the boot tops, then sculpted the collar of his shirt and used some fabric for the loose ends of his mask.

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