Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miss America Villain - King Cobra

I mentioned in a couple of my earlier posts (you'll just have to read them all to figure out which) that there weren't a lot of costumed super villains during the Golden Age. Miss America from Timely actually had one and so I thought I would feature him today. King Cobra was trying to lay his slimy mits on the plans for a new bomber. Now I'm not sure exactly what King Cobra represented; whether he was a free-lancer out to sell the plans abroad or an actual axis spy. The story appeared in 1944 so there was certainly no need to be coy about his affiliations. But the King and his men don't speak in "deutsched up English" or anything and the story never tells us. Anyway, after killing the guy who designed the bomber the King and his boys keep running into Miss America and her uncle, who is executor of the murdered man's will. The guy leaves all of his worldly possessions to his goldfish!! Turns out the goldfish are the key because one of them has a roll of microfilm attached (must have made it hard for it to swim). Anyway, Miss America triumphs over King Cobra in the end (naturally) and the allies presumably have the plans for the new bomber in their hands. When I was doing the action figure I chose a generic figure from the Steel Men line of grinning manly men - they had a fireman, road worker and a couple of others - and combined him with the head from a Hasbro Atom. I had a little trouble with some of the colors because in some panels the darker color appears to be blue and in some green so I eventually opted for dark green because I liked it better. On the whole I think it came out pretty well.

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