Monday, April 18, 2011

Golden Age Heroine - Phantom Lady 2

The other day I posted the Quality Comics superheroine Phantom Lady. What I failed to mention was that there was more than one Golden Age Phantom Lady. This is a classic example of how the art studios and the comics publishers had a rather ambiguous relationship. When Quality folded production of their version of Phantom Lady the Iger Studio, apparently believing they owned the copyright, assigned the feature to Fox Features Syndicate. Featuring the really stunning "good-girl art" of Matt Baker (see the cover behind the figure) the "new" Phantom Lady picked up in Fox's Phantom Lady #13 (taking over the numbering from another comic) in 1947 and running until 1949. She was still Sandra Knight, still the daughter of Senator Knight and still the girlfriend of Don Borden. She still had the black light projector although it was usually carried in a pouch at her waist. Her adventures were later reprinted by Ajax-Farrell Publications and by Charlton Comics in turn, until the stable of characters were acquired by DC Comics. For this second incarnation Phantom Lady was given a blue and red costume, showed more skin and was generally more exciting. The cover I'm showing today was even used by Dr. Fredric Wertham in his book "Seduction of the Innocent" as an example of how excited the kids of America should not be getting with the comics they were reading. I don't know - looks pretty good to me. As for the action figure, I used another Super Powers Collection Wonder Woman figure but painted it blue and red and added a pouch at her right hip, as well as a larger red cape.

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