Saturday, April 16, 2011

Golden Age Heroine - Phantom Lady

Phantom Lady was another character who made her debut in the first issue of Police Comics along with Plastic Man and the Human Bomb. In her first adventure it is revealed that she is secretly Sandra Knight, debutant daughter of Senator Henry Knight. She is driving her father outside of Washington to witness the test of a new explosive, but the inventor is kidnapped and several people are killed over the invention. She confers with her State Department investigator boy friend Don Borden, then changes into her Phantom Lady persona, complete with a black light ray projector, to take matters into her own hands. That means there's no origin in her first appearance so we are left to conjecture if she's just a bored socialite looking for an exciting way to jazz up her evenings or what. At any rate she finds the bad guy's hideout, rescues the tortured inventor and all is well in the end. It's not explained in this first issue where this "black light" projector comes from, although another source says that it was sent to her father by a Professor Davis. In the story she uses a hand-held projector that looks a little like a flashlight and also has black light projectors rigged on her car. I must confess that the action figure I did is from a later appearance of the character, who seems to have modified her wardrobe quite a bit over the course of her run in Police and Feature Comics. The figure is a modified Super Powers Collection Wonder Woman that I had to take most of the detail off of, then sculpt the tops of her boots from epoxy putty and add a black light projector on her wrist. It's certainly a sexier outfit than the one-piece swimsuit she's wearing in her origin issue.

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