Thursday, April 28, 2011

Golden Age Superheroes - Triple Terror

As a followup to my last post on Mirror Man I'm presenting the Triple Terror, the other original feature appearing in Tip Top Comics published by United Features Syndicate. They were, quite literally, triplets - Bruce, Barton and Richard Brandon, who all specialised in certain fields of endeavor. Barton is the chemistry expert, hence the beaker on his chest; Richard is the electronics expert so he has a lightning bolt on his chest; and Bruce is the brains of the outfit so he has the all-seeing eye on his chest, their hero names being, respectively, Chemix, Lectra and Menta. They are, to the best of my knowledge, the only male triplet group in comics. (I figure someone might raise the Legion of Superheroes Triplicate Girl if I didn't specify male, although technically Triplicate Girl was really the same person who could split into three versions of herself - and I know some of you guys had the same fantasy as I have about that little superpower.) But I digress. The Triple Terror were sort of freelance operatives that solved crimes and such. This strip was done by the same pair that produced Mirror Man. In issue #73 of Tip Top they went into the army for the duration of the war and finally wrapped up their adventures in #119. One of the stories I have they battle someone dressed as a rat who is murdering people. In the end of the story the disguised murderer turns out to be a female, which was a little different outcome. The action figures were all made from Hasbro Bruce Wayne figures painted appropriately. Everything was basically the same since they were triplets.

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