Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wartime Heroes - Captain Commando

I've featured and talked before about some of the patriotic heroes that appeared during World War II. These included the most famous Captain America, but also the Shield, American Crusader, V-Man, Super-American and many more. Most of these disappeared right after the war but a few soldiered on - pun intended. Then there were the guys who were more soldier-like and one of these is our featured character today, Captain Commando from MLJ (later Archie Comics). Appearing in Pep Comics #30 in August 1942 and continuing through #56, the captain led a group of (mostly European) kids called the Boy Soldiers, one of whom was named Brooklyn so I assume that's where he was from - he certainly tawked like he was. Now kid sidekicks are one thing but jumping into Germany with a bunch of kids seems like not the most responsible of adult actions, but it all seemed to fit into the stories. Captain Commando himself was John Grayson, with no special powers or anything, but certainly a patriotic heart and a good right hook, which in one story he used on Adolf Hitler personally. The action figure was made using a Toy Biz Captain America, which I sanded all the scale armor off of, and the head from a JLA Superman, which I sanded the hair down from. The "V" on the belt was cut from sheet plastic and the ends of his tied on mask were cloth.

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