Sunday, May 2, 2010

Golden Age Action Figures - Atoman

Today another child of the Atomic Age - Atoman - from Spark Publications. This character actually lasted for two issues of his own comic, unlike yesterday's Atomic Thunderbolt who disappeared after only one. In this case we have one of the world's first nuclear scientists, Barry Dale, who finds he has absorbed enough radioactivity that he now has the power to explode atoms - rather than just dying of radiation poisoning like most anyone else would. Atoman finds he can smash mountains, wipe out cities (although I'm not quite sure why he would want to do that), leap thousands of miles and move faster than thought (!). He even envisions himself as the shape of mankind for the future. But until that happens he figures he'll use his vast power to aid mankind, regardless of race, creed or nationality (which makes the whole destroying entire cities a bit problematic). I haven't actually see his stories but I rather liked the character. I made the figure from a Superpower Collection Green Lantern and the head from an Aquaman. The cape was made from T-shirt material with a large red star-burst cut from felt on the back.
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