Friday, May 7, 2010

Golden Age Figures - The Hood & Death's Head

I thought I'd offer something a little different today and cover both a Golden Age hero and one of the more memorable (certainly creepy) villains of the period. The hero is the Hood, from Holyoke, who had a pretty good run in Cat-Man comics of about 23 issues. The Hood was in reality FBI Agent Craig Williams who, frustrated that criminals were evading the law, took justice into his own hands as a costumed vigilante. Although he apparently didn't have any super powers, he would mete out justice with his wits and his fists. In this particular story the Hood takes on a supernatural foe called the Death's Head - literally a disembodied head wrapped in an Indian-type headdress. The head proclaims, "Our civilization of the East is far beyond your understanding. In India where I was beheaded I was given life by a great mystic.... With my great will power I will rule the world! Little by little I will control all the great minds of the world and thus the earth itself." Now you've really gotta hand it to the guy - even being beheaded hasn't stifled his ambition! The head takes over the will of a sailor who carries him around in a box. Of course The Hood manages to overcome the Death's Head, who goes flying over a cliff in a car. The Hood figure was made from a Mattel Secret Wars Wolverine figure with the head from a Hasbro GI Joe Cobra Commander figure and the cape from a Superpowers Collection Martian Manhunter. AC Comics revived the character and the costume is sort of a hybrid between the original Holyoke version and the Ac Comics version. As for Death's Head, I used the head from an Indiana Jones Cairo Swordsman figure that had been a little distress before it came into my hands through play-wear. That actually worked to my benefit when I was painting the face. I'm not sure where I got the table but I believe the box was a Playmates Star Trek figure accessory.
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