Friday, May 21, 2010

Golden Age Action Figures - Sword & Lancer

The Sword appeared in Ace Periodicals Captain Courageous Comics, Lightning Comics and Super Mystery Comics from 1942 until 1945 so he had a pretty good run for a Golden Age hero. The Sword was in reality Arthur Lake who, on a trip to England, discovers the sword Excalibur in its stone and removes it, instantly being transformed into the heroic Sword. Some coincidence, eh?? A guy named Arthur Lake finds the sword of ancient Arthur who was given Excalibur by the Lady in the Lake. See how these things all fit magically together?? Anyway, the Sword eventually gets a couple of side-kicks/partners: whenever Arthur removes Excalibur from its stone the young Lance Larter transforms into the lance-wielding Lancer and a worker at his father's aircraft plant named Moe Lynn becomes Merlin. That could have proved a little embarrassing if, say, young Lance was in the local drug store buying candy when suddenly he is transformed into a lance-wielding guy in tights!! If I was standing next to him that would sure scare the crap out of me!! The trio mostly battled espionage and sabotage in America. As for the action figures, the Sword was made using a Bruce Wayne figure (George Clooney head) and the arms from a Batman figure. The sword was out of my spare swords and knives box. As for Lancer, he was made from a Mattel Secret Wars Magneto and the head from a Star Gate Danny figure. The lance I made from some pieces from the parts box.
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