Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday's Child Works Hard for a Living

I'm highlighting a young lady this time around who really does work hard for the money. I'm not a big fan of wrestling - let's face it, this is entertainment as much as sport - but I watch those folks (male and female) out on the mat getting slammed around and I hear the horror stories of how some of these people end up later in life with lots of physical problems and I have to say they are beating their brains out to entertain. Gail Kim is - in my view - a shining light in the wrestling profession. I have read that she had a breast implant ruptured and she told me about a concussion she suffered and wondered why she felt dizzy so she has certainly paid her dues. One of her former team-mates described how dedicated Gail is to her exercise regimen and she seems to genuinely love what she does. After stints with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and then with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and now back with the WWE, since 2002 she has certainly worked hard for the money and walked away with championships in the bargain. She's also appeared in a movie called "Ninjas Creed" and while I don't know how good an actress she might be, perhaps she's moving on to a new career and could certainly do her own stunts. I wish her well.

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