Sunday, May 9, 2010

Golden Age Action Figures - Raven

The Raven was another law enforcement officer who was dissatisfied with the state of justice in American and decided to mete out a little of his own vigilante brand with his fists and a gun. He is, in reality, Detective Sergeant Danny Dartin who, with an assistant named Mike Collins, is pursued by the police as vigorously as he is by the criminal element. He is engaged to police Captain Lash's daughter Lola, who is sympathetic to the Raven but doesn't realize that Danny and the Raven are one and the same person. He has a bit of the Robin Hood about him in that he captures the ill-gotten loot from the criminals and gives it to the needy and down-trodden. The Ace periodicals character appeared in every issue of Sure-Fire Comics, which became Lightning Comics, and Four Favorites 1-4. The action figure was made using a Captain Kirk (Piece of the Action) figure from Playmates and a plastic cape.
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