Thursday, May 6, 2010

Golden Age Action Figures - Swiftarrow

Today we have another really obscure Golden Age custom action figure conversion. Let's face it, the only way I would ever get action figures of characters from that period was to make them myself. Today we have Swiftarrow, one of a number of archer characters from the period. The Arrow from Centaur was one of the first in 1939, while the best known was Green Arrow from DC who started life in 1941 and who, in various incarnations, still battles crime up to the present day. Swiftarrow was from the publishing house of Spark (also known as Fact & Fiction Publications), and first appeared in the pages of Golden Lad #1 in 1945. He had four adventures (through Golden Lad #4, 1946), two of which I've seen and both of which are relatively short at five pages when many Golden Age superhero stories ran 8-12. I've read that different artists did the art chores and the Golden Age Hero Directory shows three different costumes, but the red and green one depicted here is the one I'm familiar with. The action figure was made using parts from three Toy Biz figures - Daredevil head and body, Captain America arms and Silver Surfer legs. I carved the quiver of arrows from balsa wood and the cross bow was a leftover part from another figure (always gotta keep a big parts box when you're customizing).

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