Saturday, May 1, 2010

Golden Age Action Figures - Atomic Thunderbolt

This was a one-shot-wonder character from the Regor Company that headlined the first and only issue of Atomic Thunderbolt Comics. I have never actually read the story but I rather liked the look of the character. This was a period after the first Atomic Bombs had been dropped and the end of World War II when a lot of new characters were introduced into comicdom who got their powers as a result of atomic radiation - rather than just dying like most people would. Atomic power sort of took over from electricity and explosions and lightning effects in the creation of superheroes in the aftermath of the dawn of the nuclear age. In this case Professor Josiah Rhonne had been searching for a way to end the threat of nuclear war with his experiment in transmutation. This process subjected people to neutron bombardment by which the professor hoped to change the atomic structure of the human body and make the tissue immune to radioactivity and atomic explosions. The professor required a human test subject and, low and behold, he stumbles across poor William "Willy the warf rat" Burns, who had turned into a beach-comer/bum after a close encounter with a Nazi torpedo during the war. Willy agrees to participate in the experiment but an accidental explosion in the lab turns Willy into the Atomic Thunderbolt, who can radiate energy and fly. The action figure was made using the body from a Toy Biz Cloak and the head from a Kenner Peter Elliot from Congo the movie.

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