Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Golden Age Custom Figures - Man O' Metal

This is another one of those characters who suffers some horrible accident that would have killed anyone else but, on this particular individual, turns him into a super powered hero. In this case a steel worker named Pat Dempsey was accidentally covered in white hot molten steel. Instead of melting into a pile of singed flesh, an "inexplainable chemical reaction of the skin texture," results in Pat being endowed with the power to burn "his way through the thickest barriers," and he was also bulletproof and had the "strength of an Elephant." Thus, whenever Pat would be exposed to flame or electrical current he'd be transformed into the Man O' Metal, with blue skin and flames radiating out from his body - a little like whenever Hydroman from the same company got exposed to water he assumed his powers. Man O' Metal ran for about 20 issues of Heroic Comics from Eastern Color Printing and was drawn by the same guy (H.G. Peters) who also drew Wonder Woman in her early adventures. As for the action figure - I used the lower body of a Toy Biz Hydroman (a Marvel super villain), and the torso and arms from a Toy Biz Ka-Zar figure, which I cut in half. The head is from a Toy Biz Superman and I took a flame accessory from a Toy Biz Jack O'Lantern and attached it to the figure's back with a brass nail. I chose to paint the flesh silver instead of blue because I thought it looked more metallic - a little artistic license.
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