Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kid Eternity - The Alamo Defenders

Kid Eternity needs to drive off a band of rowdies so who does he call up? Why, the Alamo Defenders of course. Led by Colonel Travis (on the right) and including the famous mountain man and senator Davy Crockett. The artist who drew this particular story had all of the defenders dressed in buckskins but I doubt that would have been the case and most of the depictions of Travis I've seen have him in uniform. I'm not sure that Crockett wore a beard much but I had a mountain man figure (from Superior Models) and I thought he would fit in nicely with the period. The Travis figure was made from a Zorro Captain Ramone (I think it was) and the head from a Han Solo. Not too much else needs to be said about these guys.

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