Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Nova Corps Fleet

I've written about Marvel Comic's Nova Corps before - if you don't believe me check out my post on Nova Samaya. In the pages of Annihilation Prologue No. 1 there's a picture, which you can see in the photo, of part of the Nova Corps Fleet of starships. Since I frequently include cars and ships and airplanes and spaceships (as appropriate) with my figures I thought I would build a small fleet of ships to go along with my Nova Corps figures. After browsing around I discovered some ships made by Ninja Magic for their own universe and thought their Jun-ila group of ships would serve my purposes. Most of the ships pictured are from this line, although the two at the right top in the picture are Gorn from a couple of other lines I believe. The small one at right is from the old Fasa line and the big one I'm not sure - had that one laying around incomplete for a long time. Anyway, I painted them in the Nova Corps colors and voila!!! There's the small fleet.

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