Friday, June 29, 2012

Robin Sex Change

OK, not a sex change, just a change of disguises. The story goes (from Detective Comics No. 49, March 1940) that Bruce Wayne's current girlfriend Julie Madison (stage name Portia Storme) is shooting a movie but is threatened with death by the Golden Age Clayface. Batman and Robin step in and the Boy Wonder takes Julie's place dressed in a cloak and protected by padding. When the cloaked figure is shot with an arrow by Clayface Batman intervenes and captures the bad guy and it is revealed that Robin has been masquarding as Julie and Julie has been wearing a Robin costume. I rather liked the idea of a girl as Robin so I did a conversion using a Robin figure, who's chest I enhanced by use of epoxy putty. Then I used the head from a Hannah Dundee figure from Tyco's Cadillacs and Dinosaurs line.

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