Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kid Eternity - the Yellow Peril Gargot

In a story of intrigue and the movements of a mysterious briefcase Kid Eternity moves in strange circles and in the end confronts an Asian of unknown nationality or allegiance. Looking back at comics during the Golden Age reveals some of the racial stereotypes of the period. Blacks were typically played for laughs and-especially following Pearl Harbor-Asians were often depicted as the Yellow Peril. In this Kid Eternity story from 1947 that is still the case. Gargot is the leader of a small nest of agents provocateur trying to obtain the briefcase through any means necessary. Kid Eternity ends up calling out the Light Brigade to bring them to task. Gargot himself was made using a Spy Kids-2 McDonough figure and the head from a GI Joe bad guy named Mindbender.

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