Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kid Eternity - Amazons and their mates

In this adventure Kid Eternity encounters a long lost tribe of Amazons and their mates. Although in the story the ladies all dress in similar attire with bronze bras, blue skirts and red capes, I decided I liked the more traditional attire so my group of Amazons is dressed accordingly. These include two figures from the Phoenix Follies line (upper right and lower left), a Superior Models figure (upper left) and the lady in the robes (lower right) I can't remember the manufacturer of. All are metal miniatures. In the story the women of this particular society certainly rule the roost and the men-folk have taken on the more traditional women's roles of cooking, cleaning and passing gossip around the hearth. For the men I chose a metal miniature of Socrates (on right), although I'm not sure he was ever noted for his dishpan hands, and a senator from a Roman chess set made of plastic. I actually like using chess pieces for some minor characters where they fit into my collection. It gives another area of diversity in selecting appropriate figures.

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