Friday, June 8, 2012

Kid Eternity Villain - Brute

A man's life is in the balance and Kid Eternity travels to earth to intervene before the fellow dies fifty years too soon. Along the way he encounters a horrible, beastly brute of a man named - well - Brute. Turns out the Brute is an arch criminal who is diverting chemicals for his own nefarious reasons. Kid Eternity battles the Brute, calling up different characters from Eternity to aid him, and in the end justice, and the Kid, prevails and the fellow who came near to dying too soon will get that fifty extra years of life. Brute was sort of one of those mindless, force of nature kind of guys who runs roughshod over anyone who gets in his way. For the figure I used a Mission Impossible Ethan Hawke body and the head from a Cops figure that had that sort of leering, criminal expression on his face. I even used my paint pen to give the Brute five-o'clock shadow and arm hair.

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