Monday, July 2, 2012

Rainbow Batman

Detective Comics No 241 from 1957 was a comic I owned as a teenager but mom, bless her heart, like many moms over the years, bless their hearts, disposed of them when my back was turned (I joined the navy). I had some great stuff but then it was gone and as I got older I started picking up some of them again. The other component was my passion for customizing action figures and I always thought the Rainbow Batman would be a great project. It took me a while to get around to them but I eventually did. The story was that Batman wears a bunch of outrageous costumes and in the end it's revealed because he's trying to divert attention from Robin because he's injured. The hardest ones of the lot were the "Bulls-Eye" batman and of course the "Rainbow Batman" with all those stripes. Even the cape. For those collectors who cherish Superpowers Collection action figures yes, I used a bunch of them. The capes were cut from T-shirt cloth and the Rainbow Batman I had to glue different colored stripes onto.

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