Friday, October 19, 2012

Commissioner Gordon

What do I need to say about Commissioner Gordon? He was there from the very beginning of Batman's career - even Perry White couldn't say that. He's been moved aside and I think thought dead at one time or another over the decades, but he has been a mainstay of the Batman universe for a very long time. So I'll concentrate on the figure. When I came to this project my main concern was the glasses. Glasses are a pain in the neck! I had used a Coneheads Seedling figure for the body and the head from a Cops figure, which I gave gray (read white) hair and mustache. Then I had to work on the glasses. I used a couple of links from a spare chain I had around that were the right size. Then I cut a third link to make the bridge between the two and cemented them together with epoxy glue. Then I used straight pins for the side pieces, which helped because I could stick them into the plastic alongside the ears. I painted the glasses gold and there you have it!

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