Monday, October 22, 2012

Jimmy Olsen - Steel-Man

Jimmy Olsen visits Professor Potter, who has been working on a sphere-shaped Dimension-Travel Machine. Of course Jimmy blunders into some of the equipment and ends up in a parallel universe on an alternate earth. Today parallel universes are pretty commonly known but this story was written in 1966 when they were a little more unusual. In the alternate earth Jimmy appears in, Benedict Arnold was a war hero and second president of the United States, Perry White was a matador, not a newspaper editor, and Clark Kent works at a World's Fair where Lucy Lane is a computer specialist. But some things never change - Lucy is still only lukewarm for Jimmy. But the Olsen kid does - somehow - develop super powers just like Superman on his own earth. He battles a group called the Luthar League, standing for the League Using Terror, Havoc and Robbery (sounds like a pretty lame acronym), which is led by a fellow dressed just like the Joker. Turns out the League leader is really a disguised and evil Clark Kent who steals Jimmy's superpowers but is ultimately defeated by the freckle-faced ex-superhero. Professor Potter shows up and convinces Jimmy to return to his own world, which is probably a good thing in the final analysis. The Steel-Man costume on the cover differs a little from the version inside (not particularly uncommon during this period), but I liked the cover version the best. I used a Batman Returns Batman to make the figure, but really had to clean off a lot of the detail from the figure. I used a hole punch to make the belt buckle and cut the cape from T-shirt material.

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