Friday, October 12, 2012

Satan Girl

In the 30th Century the Legion of Superheroes is composed of both male and female heroes. Then the female members of the Legion are suddenly struck with a crimson virus. A masked female named Satan Girl (not a very heroic moniker if you ask me) suddenly appears and brags that she has given the girls the plague and if the boys don't make her a Legion member all the girls will die. The boys call on Supergirl, who happened to be heading to the 30th Century anyway, and she struggles with Satan Girl. They seem to have the same powers so Supergirl thinks she must be Kryptonian, but when she throws a lead box containing green Kryptonite at the girl and it shatters it appears to have no effect on Satan Girl. As it turns out in the end Satan Girl and Supergirl are really one and the same. On her way to the future Supergirl was exposed to red Kryptonite, which always has strange effects on the Kryptonians exposed to it and in this case split Supergirl into two people. The other one wanted to live on past the 48 hours of the Red-K's effects so she adopted the Satan Girl identity. If she managed to kill Supergirl within the 48 hours she would be the one who survived. She even created a lead Satan Girl suit of armor to protect herself from the Green Kryptonite and fool the girl of steel. But in the end all her machinations availed her naught and Supergirl was reunited with her errant self and the Legionaire girls were cured of their Crinmson virus when the 48 hours were up. I made Satan Girl from a "Happy Meal" Catwoman figure. I've used this as the basis for a number of figures (see the Midnight Ladies post) so it comes in really handy. I removed the pointy ears and the belt, used epoxy putty to fashion the tops of her boots and painted her like Satan Girl. The cape was made from T-shirt material as usual.

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